Develop a double pack design for smoked salmon. There were two primary directives. First, to highlight the product (the salmon) as much as possible, and second, to ensure that the double-pack aspect of the packaging was featured.

The package back is not a concern at the moment as this will first be used as a presentation piece.

As the two 6 ounce portions of the pack will never be sold separately, that allowed for some nice creativity with the design. The two sides have a similar look that emphasizes to the "two-pack" feature. Also, when the customer divides the pack, the remaining pack gives a clear indication of what is inside. Each design can stand on its own.

The salmon spanning the two packs displays the product very well. The product is not only visible, but due to the shape of the window, it's eye-catching from a distance. The silhouette of the fishmonger also highlights the product and provides a clear indication of its "World Famous" source.

The vertical bar that divides the two packs is black, without a chart overlay in order to further clarify that they will be purchasing a double pack. The vertical bar contains the "Double Pack" label complete with dashed line and scissors, all of which add emphasis.

The background of the pack is a rich, dark green.


The design without the salmon and fishmonger outline.


This is the design with the die line overlay.